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Some people said that absence makes love grow fonder. Using that same thought, Bad Daddy here makes Sarah Vandella do some jerk off instructions while using her body as a model for people to touch themselves. The thought of just looking and never touching can sometimes be hotter than actually fucking her brains out. Sarah is in a pink lingerie and she talks about few things with step dad that doesn’t really matter in this in general. While she’s talking, her hands kinda run around her big tits and other good body part. Sarah slowly go on the bed and seductively keep up the conversation while maintaining an eye contact. Sarah then slowly spread her legs wide open and plays with her cunt over her clothes for a little bit before moving on to her top. She unclips her bra and reveals massive tits. Sarah may be teen in this situation but damn, teen’s shouldn’t be allowed to boner-inducing weapons like that. She grips and fondles her big tits for a while before she move on again to the bottom. Sarah starts stripping her bottoms slowly and eventually, she reveals a nice bush. Her sweet cunt gets full revealed when she lied down and lifts one leg up. She spreads her legs as wide as she can and she keeps up the conversation or rather, her instructions. She wants the big dicks everywhere to stay focused on her body as they grip their throbbing manhood. Sarah gets drunk with the thought that men are looking at her body. She starts rubbing herself and ultimately making her pussy soaking wet. She goes at it for a long time and before the end. Sarah bends over and gives another look to her fuck holes. She spreads those for one last time to make sure everybody knows how godly her fuck holes are.


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